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Blocked by Firewall

Blocked by Firewall

If at some point you find that your email has stopped working it might be due to your ip address being blocked by the server. Try to go to your website and if you see the message:

“Your connection to this server has been blocked by the firewall.
You will need to contact the owner of the website to have them unblock you.
Your blocked IP address is 999.99.999.99
This server’s hostname is xyz”

Then please contact me with your ip address and I will have your ip address unblocked right away.

Why would your ip address be blocked? It’s for your protection really.

Common Firewall Block Reasons include:

  • ftp: Excessive invalid FTP login attempts.
  • cpanel: Excessive invalid cPanel login attempts.
  • pop3: Excessive invalid POP3 login attempts.
  • imap: Excessive invalid IMAP login attempts.
  • smtp auth Excessive invalid SMTP login attempts.
  • mod_security: This occurs when you are attempting to view a page via an invalid URL.
  • htpasswd :Excessive invalid htaccess login prompt attempts.

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