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Total Eclipse 2012 in Cairns Photos

The eclipse was amazing, truly beyond anything I had imagined. This was the first total eclipse I have ever seen. The whole event is magnificent. The anticipation, the feeling of good will from everyone around that all show up for the same thing. The drop in temperature and the dimming of the light. And then the brilliance of the corona against the sudden darkness. We will never forget it! It’s easy to see how someone can become an eclipse chaser.

*Update: BBC News just emailed me to let me know that they have posted my photo!


Tropic Engineering – Rob Paron

Rob, Luke, Jake, Michaela Paron

Rob, Luke, Jake, Michaela Paron

I was very happy to see an article on someone who is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet and someone I am proud to call a client. Rob Paron from Tropic Engineering & Shaft Laser Alignments and his family are featured in this month’s edition of Cairn’s Life Magazine.

Download and read the article here:
Cairns Life – September 12-27 – Rob Paron and Tropic Engineering

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