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A Touch of Iron

It would be difficult to find a couple more passionate about their wrought iron gates, sculptures  furniture balustrades and more than Gianni and Elena Sabaini. Gianni will amaze you with his work, attention to detail and business ethic. Elena will help you make the best choices for your commission and see that everything goes to plan. Visit A Touch of Iron wrought iron studio and workshop in Cairns and their website to see the latest iron creations.

A Touch of Iron - Wrought Iron by Gianni Sabaini - Cairns

A Touch of Iron

Domain Registration / Renewal Scams

Every year I hear stories from people that have received invoices from “Domain Registers” or ‘Domain Renewal Group” stating that it is time to renew their domain. The invoices look very legitimate at a glance. But if you read them closely you will see that they are actually asking for you to transfer your domain to them. See image attached.

Domain Registration / Renewal Scam Letter

Domain Registration / Renewal Scam Letter

My customers will only ever receive an invoice from me for anything and everything related to their domain registration, website hosting and website development. If you receive a letter or email asking for a payment or a domain password or anything else, report them to scam watch immediately.

Also be aware that your old domain registrar and old website hosting providers may continue to send you automated requests for payment and in some cases will charge your credit card automatically if they have it on file. When you leave a domain registration provider or website hosting company send them a short email to say that you have moved your account elsewhere and advise them to close your account.

If you have any further questions on this please contact me or refer to the Australian Government Scam Watch Website for more information and to report domain registration / renewal scammers.

Kind regards,

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Mehdi Rasulle – Sculpture and Heritage Restoration

Sculptor Mehdi Rasulle first arrived in Australia from Afghanistan in 2001 as a refugee. He now has a thriving Sculpture and Heritage Restoration business with his brothers and a beautiful new family of his own. It is not unusual to read an article on Mehdi in the local paper or to see a new project he has created for a private or public commission in Perth, Australia.

I hope to be able to see his sculptures in person one day and to meet him. His story and his work are inspirational.

Mehdi Rasulle - Sculpture and Heritage Restoration

Mehdi Rasulle
Sculpture and Heritage Restoration

Season’s Greetings 2012!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 2012 has been fantastic. I can honestly say that every year has been better than the last. Your requests, requirements and ideas in addition to new technology and design principles keep raising the bar for the websites I create. It’s been a great year and 2013 is already shaping up to be even better.

Mobile Friendly Responsive Websites

One of the most exciting developments of the year has been the emergence and dominance of mobile devices over the online experience. I facilitated a couple of online contests and most customers entered from their tablet or smartphone. I am happy to say that ALL my websites out of the dock now utilise responsive web design principles, in plain English means they are mobile device friendly. All websites I design resize text, pages and display all elements properly on mobile devices.

Social Media

Another exciting development this year as with the last several years is the importance and accessibility of social media integration with your website. If you are not on Facebook interacting with your customers you need to be. Never before has the ability to increase your reach within your grasp. You can make e-commerce facilities and competitions available to your customers from your page, facilities that sync effortlessly with your website.

Great Designs and Special Website Features

I am very happy to say that I have a wealth of new tools available to me (and thus to you) to create eye catching designs and themes that will make your business stand out from the crowd.

CMS Websites Powered by WordPress

All websites that I create are powered by WordPress. The possibilities for you the website owner are quire literally endless. Online stores, video, galleries, blogs, new services and news can easily be added to your website and updated from any pc, mac, notebook, tablet or smartphone from your favourite browser or a free app.

You will also be happy to know that your WordPress theme is designed, built and supported in house by me. You will never be left waiting for a faraway designer to ensure that your website is compatible with the latest WordPress update. I do all that for you.

Google Apps for your Domain

I will be offering Google Apps for Business as I am happy to say I am a reseller of Google services. The biggest advantage that you will gain from Google Apps is having 25 gigabytes available to you for your email accounts. That and the absolute best spam and virus filters in the world. Google Apps for your domain are $50 per year. You can be certain that you will never have another problem with your email again. Contact me to get started. I will configure your email program for you while you sit back and relax, or you can busy yourself doing something wildly important.

Thank you for enduring my lengthy Christmas and New Year’s letter. You should have seen it before I started whittling it down! Thank you each and every on of you for selecting me to design and develop your website and provide your website hosting. I am developing 6 to 8 websites every month now which is just fine by me. I’m busy enough to pay the bills and still have the free time to eat linzen torte and go to the gym. I’m looking forward to 2013, to all your new projects and new ideas It’s going to be outstanding. Lets’ grab the world by the ears and not et go until it does what we say, figuratively speaking of course. I probably could have said that with greater diplomacy.

Best regards,
Dameon Jamie

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Total Eclipse 2012 in Cairns Photos

The eclipse was amazing, truly beyond anything I had imagined. This was the first total eclipse I have ever seen. The whole event is magnificent. The anticipation, the feeling of good will from everyone around that all show up for the same thing. The drop in temperature and the dimming of the light. And then the brilliance of the corona against the sudden darkness. We will never forget it! It’s easy to see how someone can become an eclipse chaser.

*Update: BBC News just emailed me to let me know that they have posted my photo!



Dameon Jamie Web Design

p: +61 (0)7 4032 1264
m: +61 (0)400 950 600



a: 8 Cadaga Close, Manoora. 4870, Queensland, Australia

k: p = phone, m = mobile, e = email, w = website, a = address, k = key

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