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Domain Registration / Renewal Scams

Every year I hear stories from people that have received invoices from “Domain Registers” or ‘Domain Renewal Group” stating that it is time to renew their domain. The invoices look very legitimate at a glance. But if you read them closely you will see that they are actually asking for you to transfer your domain to them. See image attached.

Domain Registration / Renewal Scam Letter

Domain Registration / Renewal Scam Letter

My customers will only ever receive an invoice from me for anything and everything related to their domain registration, website hosting and website development. If you receive a letter or email asking for a payment or a domain password or anything else, report them to scam watch immediately.

Also be aware that your old domain registrar and old website hosting providers may continue to send you automated requests for payment and in some cases will charge your credit card automatically if they have it on file. When you leave a domain registration provider or website hosting company send them a short email to say that you have moved your account elsewhere and advise them to close your account.

If you have any further questions on this please contact me or refer to the Australian Government Scam Watch Website for more information and to report domain registration / renewal scammers.

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